Baby High Chairs By Popular Brands – Seller Amazon

October 15, 2010

Have you decided to get a high chair for your little one? Do you think from where to start? We have selected baby high chairs by 10 popular brands having high reviews. Sure, it will help you.

  • Peg-Perego Prima Pappa High Chair, Beige, Newborn  by Peg Perego USA

Buy new:  $165.21

  • Chicco Polly Double Pad Fabric Highchair, Adventure  by Chicco

Buy new:  $124.99

  • Fisher-Price Zen Collection High Chair

Buy new:  $143.95

  • Graco Blossom Highchair, Townsend

Buy new: $169.50

  • Boon Flair Pneumatic Pedestal Highchair – Frosty Blue and White

Buy new:  $171.99

  • Cosco Juvenile Simple Start High Chair – Funzone

Buy new: $62.26

  • Combi 3 in 1 Hero High Chair, Wasabi

Buy new: $79.99

  • Dream On Me Swivel 360 Highchair, Green

Buy new: $135.99

  • Nature’s Purest Complete Comfort High Chair, Hug Me

Buy new: $99.99

  • Baby Trend High Chair, Skylar

Buy new: $89.99


We have listed here the popular brand with affordable price ranges. There are more models with little high cost, but they have added facilities. So money spent on them is well worth.


List Of 10 Bestselling Baby High Chairs

October 13, 2010

Before choosing high chair for your baby, you can have a look for the following best selling high chairs.

For your convenience, we have presented here 10 popular baby high chairs below $100 according to Amazon





  • Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair, Scatterbug $49.99





  • Fisher-Price Precious Planet High Chair, Sky Blue $89.99





  • Evenflo BabyGo High Chair, Limeade $39.99.





  • Cosco Flat Fold High Chair, Wild Adventure $39.99





  • Graco Contempo Highchair, Rittenhouse $95.54





  • Chicco 360 Degree Rotating Hook On Chair, Miro $69.99





  • Graco Cozy Dinette Highchair, Barcelona Bluegrass $89.88





  • Baby Trend High Chair, Skylar $89.99





  • Safety 1st High Chair $69.99





  • Peg Perego Tatamia Accessory Kit, Verde $79.00

List above will help you to get about the price range and look of the high chairs for baby.



Checklist For Essential Baby Nursery Furniture

September 25, 2010

Decorating your baby’s room with baby nursery furniture is exciting for new parents. Before shopping, you need to make a list of essential nursery furniture to ease your job. We have categorized the items for your convenience:

Five essential furniture for baby nursery

  • Baby crib

It is the most comfortable and safe place for the baby to sleep. Choose any one according to your room space from Standard cribs, Round baby cribs, Convertible cribs, Corner cribs and Mini cribs.

Sleeping accessories – crib mattress, crib bumper pad, crib bedding set including fitted sheet.

  • Baby changing table

Baby changing table should be used to avoid bending while changing diapers and clothes of your baby. You will also need this place on the changing table when you will have to dry your baby after bath, trim nails, put baby lotion and brush his/her hair.

  • Rocking chair or glider

This piece of furniture will provide you the ideal place and comfort where you can spend hours with your baby to develop precious bonding among you and your little angel.

  • Nightstand

You may want to keep feeding items organized for night-time feedings. In that case, a small nightstand is the perfect piece of furniture on which you can place a night lamp and keep feeding items in drawers. You will get all items handy during night-time feedings.

  • Baby hamper

You may need a baby hamper to keep the used outfits of your baby for washing separately. If space is a concern, you can use a bag type hamper and hang it behind the door of the baby’s room.

Furniture for baby’s proper development

  • Baby high chair

Baby high chair is very helpful to develop baby’s feeding and sitting habits. If you set your baby on a high chair and feed him/her, it is very convenient for you and baby both. Modern high chairs boast many attractive features to improve functionality.

  • Potty-chair

You need to grow baby’s toilet habits. Only a potty-chair can help both you and the baby. Cleaning your baby after toilet will be easy. The baby will enjoy and get habituated using it without facing any extra hazard.

  • Baby walker

You will need this item when the baby tries to stand holding something in your room. Baby walker helps the baby to learn walking.

  • Baby rocking chair

This piece of furniture may be a favorite place to your baby. It is better to choose one that can be used up to toddler age.

There are many other baby furniture like nursery storage cart, dresser, toy box, etc. As the baby grows the no. of baby’s belongings increases. You can purchase these storage furniture when you need.

Tips for buying a baby high chair

September 23, 2010

A baby high chair is very useful furniture that a new mom needs for her baby. It serves its purpose from two months to four years or more. There are many models of high chair offered by popular brands like Fisher price, Peg perego, Cosco and many others. Before choosing a high chair many factors have to be considered like safety, adjustability, easy to clean, durability, space needed, type of food tray, price etc.

A wide based high chair ensures the stability of the chair than the narrow one. Different other safety features should be checked.

Some high chairs are adjustable, so the baby can use it as he/she grows. Some have reclining positions and different height adjustments.

The top high chairs are easy to clean. Some chairs have washable fabric covers and others are wipeable.

Be sure about the durability of your selected model as you may be using it up to 3 years or more.

If you do not have enough space in your baby room to fit the high chair, you can get a space saver high chair which can be placed on your existing seat at a table and does not take up floor space.

Most of the top high chairs have food trays that can be taken off which is very useful feature. The food tray with high ridge keeps more food on the tray rather than the floor and taking off the tray it can be cleaned easily. When the baby grows older and wants to have meals with parents at dinner table, the same baby chair can be used by removing the tray.

The high chairs are available with various price ranges. You can choose one that suits your budget and in that case you may have to compromise on one or two features.

Undoubtedly it is very useful furniture but do not make a hole in your pocket going beyond your budget. There are so many affordable high-quality chairs in the market that you will be at a loss to choose one for your little darling.

Choosing baby furniture needed after two months

September 22, 2010

Essential furniture that can be used after two to three months

You can purchase the following furniture as and when required. Before choosing consider your room space, safe features and color that matches your baby nursery.

If you have not bought baby crib furniture yet, you can think about it now. You can get 4-in-1 crib which has detachable changing unit with selves and the crib can be converted into toddler bed even full size bed also. As the baby gets habituated with his/ her own comfortable bed, you can go for this type of convertible crib made of high quality wood.

Babies always love something that rocks. Rocking chair with slightly curved back is an enjoyable place for the baby to seat. It is better to buy a model that can be used up to his/her toddler age. Rocking chairs specially made for infants with safety belt are also found in the market.

Baby high chair is important furniture which helps the baby to learn sitting in proper manner and develops the feeding habit on its own without creating a mess on the floor. It will be convenient for you also. If you have shortage of room space, you can get a space saver high chair. The baby enjoys spending few hours playing with small  toys sitting on  the   chair.

When the baby tries to stand holding your fingers or something else, then you can think about baby walker. Before purchasing, check its safety modes. It should have wide wheelbase. It helps the baby to learn standing and walking on its own.

You can use a nursery storage cart to organize your entire nursery. Clothing, diapers, towels, toiletries and other daily use accessories can be kept in one convenient place and even you can move the storage anytime anywhere.

Dressers & Armoires are little expensive so you can wait. When your budget permits, you can buy a high-quality wooden dresser with shelves as it will be in use up to his/her toddler age. It provides a lot of space for storing baby’s clothing and other necessities in proper manner.

When you are buying baby furniture, you need to keep in mind the color scheme and size of the baby room. Never compromise with safety of the baby furniture.