Checklist For Essential Things To Shop For Baby Nursery

Checklist is an essential gear for new parents like you. It helps to perform your job systematically within your preferred time and budget.

1.    Baby crib: The first important furniture where your baby can sleep comfortably without any disturbance or hazard. Convertible cribs are also available in the market which can be used up to toddler age.
2.    Baby changing unit: If there is enough space in your room then you should add it to your list. It will provide you an area where you can change your baby’s nappy more conveniently without bending yourself.
3.    Baby crib set: Selecting a perfect crib set is most important because most of the time the baby’s tender skin gets in contact with his/her bed. So the fabrics used to make crib bedding sets must be 100% cotton or any other hypoallergenic material. You can check cheap crib set on net that may help you.
4.    Breathing monitor: This is important equipment for the newborn baby’s nursery.
5.      Other essentials: These include baby clothing, diapers, extra sheets, pillow cases, diaper
bag and baby wrappers for which you can personalize your choice.

After 3/4 months you can add some other accessories in your baby’s nursery like musical mobile and baby gym that keep the baby happy. When the baby will grow more, you may need another accessory like a baby high chair. The baby will enjoy having meals and playing independently sitting there. These things you can buy one by one as the baby grows up.


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