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Choosing baby shower gift

June 9, 2010

My Daughter's Dreamland.

My daughter Krystele is going to have her first baby boy very soon. Both of the parents are very excited and they are busy with preparing the baby room for their little one. When I got this delightful news, I started to recollect the sweet memories of her childhood days.

My husband has a farm house with ranch. My little darling always used to wander around the farm house joyfully and spend most of the day time playing with her favorite pets. It was her most preferred place for enjoyment. This makes me thrilled and amazed when I think that my daughter has entered into a new phase of life, that is her motherhood. But still she loves animals and likes this farm house atmosphere.I am also eagerly waiting for the arrival of my grandchild. I shared my feelings with my close friends. When I was discussing about a perfect present for baby shower gift, they suggested me that it should be some thing based on farm house theme.

What a great idea! I made up my mind to buy a crib set designed with patchwork of farm animals, tractors and cowboys. My daughter will also like this because it will remind her childhood days.

One of my friends, Mrs. O’Brien suggested me to check  out John Deere Crib Set on net. I did and got an ideal baby shower gift.


Ideas For Nursery Decorations For Baby Girl

May 24, 2010

Last week Flora, my neighbor came to my house. She was looking very delightful and excited. Then I came to know that she is expecting a baby girl. She and her husband both being new parents are very happy but got puzzled with many queries. When will they start decorating baby-room for their little dream? What are the essentials they have to buy? How will they choose the best? – And so on.

Flora came to me as she knew that baby nursery decoration is one of my favorite hobbies. She told that she wants a lot of pink to be used and also likes lilac and mint green. She does not want to go for cartoon theme, instead something like ladybug, butterflies or fairies.

Now I got her likings and suggested few things to consider making baby nursery according to her choice. I made a list of things to do.

Color of the wall: Paint 2 adjacent walls light pink and other 2 other walls hot pink. Stencils can be used to draw butterflies, ladybugs, flowers scattered on the light pink walls.

Furniture: Color of the furniture should be white which will look fantastic against hot pink wall. The furniture set includes baby crib, rocking chair and change table with drawer to keep baby’s changes.

Crib bedding set: Choosing crib set is most important. Not only the color and designs, but also the fabrics used for baby’s sensitive skin to be considered. 100% cotton fabrics should be preferred. A great variety of crib bedding sets with unique designs and colors are available in the market. The whole set includes quilt, fitted sheet, dust ruffle, diaper stacker etc. and in some cases matching window valances, bumper and even a musical mobile that keeps the happy and joyful.

Flora was very much glad and conveyed her warm gratitude to me. I also suggested her to check out a pink ladybug crib set browsing on net to get an idea.