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Tips For Selecting A Perfect Baby Crib

May 29, 2010

Planning to buy a baby crib for your little one? Good idea! This is the first furniture that you are presenting your baby for his/her personal use. So it must be some thing good as well as long lasting so that it can be used up to your baby’s toddler age. Before taking decision there are some factors to be considered.

What is the quality of material used?

Crib manufacturers use different materials like wood, iron and plastics. If you think about the safety and comfort for your baby, then wooden cribs will be the best. Fine quality wood like oak, maple, pine etc. are considered to be the best for baby’s health. The synthetic products are not suitable for baby’s soft and tender skin. They may cause allergy.

What type of crib should be selected?

There are different models and designs of baby cribs found in the market like simple fixed crib, convertible crib and sleigh styled crib. If you plan to use it till your baby’s toddler age, it is better to choose convertible or sleigh designed crib. There are so many other models like angel crib, circus crib, royal crib, Emily crib and alike that provide best comfort to your baby.                                                                                      

Now you can personalize your own choice buying your baby’s crib considering the above factors.Design and color must match with other furniture in your baby nursery.