The Tatamia Peg Perego High Chair

September 19, 2010

Peg perego is one of the most popular brands on the market. If you have decided to buy a peg perego high chair for your infant, you should get more knowledge about its exciting functionality  sitting at home with a cup of coffee. How its height can be adjusted? How is the reclining position adjusted? How it can be used as swing? How does the removable tray work? And many more….

The videos can meet up all your queries. So we collected this video to provide you the vivid descriptions about different features like compact multipurpose seat, adjustable reclining, soothing relaxing swing etc.Here you can watch more videos which will help you to get a clear idea about this brand, and how much effort the manufacturers have given keeping in mind the child’s comfort, safety and enjoyment. Beside that you can also save the additional expenses for other accessories like baby swing and cradle.You will be amazed observing so many alternatives in a single  high chair.


Tips For Choosing Baby Furniture

September 17, 2010

Are you preparing the baby room for your little youngster?

Being blessed with a baby you must be very thrilled! But you need to remember that many regular expenses come along with the baby, like baby food, baby bedding set, clothes, diapers etc. So it is better to make a realistic budget.

Baby furniture include many items like crib, baby bassinet, rocking chair, baby high chair, cradle, stroller, changing table, baby walker etc. You don’t have to buy all the furniture at a time. First make a list of the furniture that your baby need. Next select most essential items like a crib or bassinet, a changing table and a stroller and tick them. Rest of the furniture you can buy one by one as the baby grows. The furniture can be categorized into two segments.

Essential furniture for newborn

Instead of crib, baby bassinet can be used from four to six months. It costs much less than a crib. You can buy it later. Choose the bassinet with wide base and firm mattress where baby can sleep comfortably. It should not have any rough edge from inside.

The crib you choose needs to be comfortable, safe and secure because it is the place where the baby spends most of his/her time for first few months. The material used should be of high quality. The spaces in between the slats should be narrow enough to prevent the baby from getting his/her hands, legs or head stuck in between. High-density foam mattress should be used in the crib.

Changing table provides the safe place to change the diaper or dress of your baby. Choose one that is high enough so that you can dress up your baby comfortably without bending. It should be made up of solid wood and have proper railing around the table. A changing table with drawers and shelves provide a lot of space to keep the baby’s clothes, diapers and other     necessities handy.

Baby stroller is another useful baby gear. There are different models of stroller like lightweight, heavy and with different extra features. You can choose as per your choice getting sure about its safety features. The wheelbase should be wide enough and it should have brakes to lock the wheels and washable fabrics.

Now you can go for other essentials like  bedding sets, clothes, diaper, baby monitor etc. You can add other essential furniture like high chair, dresser, baby walker, baby storage cart etc. to your nursery when you need.

Choosing baby shower gift

June 9, 2010

My Daughter's Dreamland.

My daughter Krystele is going to have her first baby boy very soon. Both of the parents are very excited and they are busy with preparing the baby room for their little one. When I got this delightful news, I started to recollect the sweet memories of her childhood days.

My husband has a farm house with ranch. My little darling always used to wander around the farm house joyfully and spend most of the day time playing with her favorite pets. It was her most preferred place for enjoyment. This makes me thrilled and amazed when I think that my daughter has entered into a new phase of life, that is her motherhood. But still she loves animals and likes this farm house atmosphere.I am also eagerly waiting for the arrival of my grandchild. I shared my feelings with my close friends. When I was discussing about a perfect present for baby shower gift, they suggested me that it should be some thing based on farm house theme.

What a great idea! I made up my mind to buy a crib set designed with patchwork of farm animals, tractors and cowboys. My daughter will also like this because it will remind her childhood days.

One of my friends, Mrs. O’Brien suggested me to check  out John Deere Crib Set on net. I did and got an ideal baby shower gift.

Angel Baby Bedding – Spring Showcase

June 6, 2010

Are you interested in toddler crib bedding and accessories? Well! Angel Baby Bedding  – Spring Showcase is presenting  you some toddler bedding and accessories like lamp with shade, designed basket, sport toys etc. May be your child has grown up from baby stage to toddler age and got bored with old bedding set. His/her liking or disliking also changes. So you can make your child happy presenting any one from this showcase on his/her birthday. You will see in this video many designs based on jungle theme, sports theme and others.

Ideas about Lambs & Ivy Crib Bedding sets

June 4, 2010

Lambs and Ivy is one of the renowned and leading manufacturers of baby nursery accessories like crib bedding sets and other products. They put in a lot of effort with special emphasis on baby’s safety, health and comfort. They dedicated themselves for over 30 years making crib bedding sets with the changing trends and tastes of new parents. Lambs & Ivy crib sets are available at moderate price range, from $100 to $200. Their 6 piece bedding sets normally include a quilt, bumper, fitted sheet, window valance, dust ruffle and diaper stacker. They also offer other matching nursery accessories like wall decorations, musical mobile, pillows, blankets and lamp shade.
Crib bedding sets offered by Lambs & Ivy are made of high quality cotton or other cozy materials.
This manufacturer is loved by parents because of its innovative efforts. The crib sets are made up of modern colors with traditional characters.                                                                                                                

The most popular bedding sets by Lambs and Ivy like Enchanted Forest, Papagayo and Jungle land are mainly designed for a little boy who will feel like he is in a jungle full of happy creatures, while Hello Kitty, Tivoli Garden and Secret Garden crib sets are designed with beautiful collection of kitties and puppies, butterflies and flowers to make a baby girl happy.

For these unique and innovative designs Lambs and Ivy became so popular. You can think about these products to decorate your baby nursery successfully with a stylish and modern look.