Baby crib Bedding Set

June 2, 2010

Before purchasing baby crib set for your little one you should get some visual ideas. This selected video is presenting you twenty different types of crib bedding sets along with other nursery accessories. You can see whether any of these suits your nursery theme or not. There are variety of crib sets that match with jungle safari theme, sports theme, pinky baby theme, farm house theme and alike. The different crib sets are designed with different patchworks like wild animals, loving kitties and puppies, butterflies and flowers, cars and balls and many others. The color combinations are pleasing and bold. It may give you the idea of the complete baby room also. If you have a boy, there are many options from which you can choose a perfect  baby boy crib set for your little champ.


Getting The Right Crib And Bedding Set For The Little One

June 1, 2010

Planning to buy a perfect crib for your sweet little one?

There is wide variety of baby cribs at various price ranges available in the market. You will get it in many colors and styles made of best and long lasting materials. Safety and comfort are the most important factors to be considered for a baby.

Is the crib so essential and useful in a baby room?

Of course! Think about a baby. He/she spends most of the day sleeping for first few months which helps in his/her proper growth. And crib is the safest and coziest place where your baby can sleep without any disturbance. A convertible crib can be chosen as it can be changed into a proper toddler bed for your baby’s future use.

Selection of baby crib bedding set is another important factor.

There are many popular brands found in the market with brilliant colorful designs. But before selecting the crib set you must know about its special features mainly the quality of fabric and easy washable or not.  As the baby skin is highly sensitive,  so the crib bedding sets made of  cotton fabrics or hypoallergenic materials are highly recommended. Choosing design and brand is of course yours. But try to match the set with the wall color and other belongings of the nursery. The crib bedding sets include quilt, fitted sheet, dust ruffle and some other items.  

Many other matching items like Musical mobiles, Diaper Stacker, Window Valances, Lamp shade and Soft toys are available in the market. These lift up the beauty of the nursery.

Just because I love decorating nurseries, I was browsing on different sites to get new ideas about crib sets. I found that Ladybug Crib Set and Winnie The Pooh Crib Set can be selected for both boys and girls.

Tips For Selecting A Perfect Baby Crib

May 29, 2010

Planning to buy a baby crib for your little one? Good idea! This is the first furniture that you are presenting your baby for his/her personal use. So it must be some thing good as well as long lasting so that it can be used up to your baby’s toddler age. Before taking decision there are some factors to be considered.

What is the quality of material used?

Crib manufacturers use different materials like wood, iron and plastics. If you think about the safety and comfort for your baby, then wooden cribs will be the best. Fine quality wood like oak, maple, pine etc. are considered to be the best for baby’s health. The synthetic products are not suitable for baby’s soft and tender skin. They may cause allergy.

What type of crib should be selected?

There are different models and designs of baby cribs found in the market like simple fixed crib, convertible crib and sleigh styled crib. If you plan to use it till your baby’s toddler age, it is better to choose convertible or sleigh designed crib. There are so many other models like angel crib, circus crib, royal crib, Emily crib and alike that provide best comfort to your baby.                                                                                      

Now you can personalize your own choice buying your baby’s crib considering the above factors.Design and color must match with other furniture in your baby nursery.

Glenna Jean Nursery Product Reviews

May 28, 2010

Glenna jean specializes in soft textured fabrics and hand-patched crib bedding sets, suitable for baby’s skin, for over 25 years. The products are little bit expensive but have very sophisticated look. That is why Glenna jean is competing successfully with other brands like Kids line, Lambs & ivy and alike. Modern new parents are showing their interests in Glenna jean nursery products.

Coco crib bedding set is a new addition to the Glenna jean collection. The 4piece and 5piece crib sets both include 4-sided bumper, comforter, fitted sheet and dust ruffle. A diaper stacker or a pink pillow is included in 5piece bedding sets. Other accessories include lamp base with shade, window valances, wall hangings and baby musical mobile.

Olivia 4-piece set, Little Diva 6-piece set and Finley 4-piece set by Glenna jean offer fabulous color sheds and make the nursery a dream land for baby princess. Though the price range is high, yet it is worthy.

Reviewing the patterns and color combination of these sets is a lot of fun. Glenna jean offers 5/6 different fabrics like pink rose floral print, plaid, brown and cream basket weave. The items of the sets are 60% cotton and 40% polyester and machine  washable.                                                                                              
Baby Supermall is the largest and most trusted online retailer of Glenna jean baby bedding products. All these are handcrafted product still proudly made in America. Now brows on net and get the best crib bedding set for your dream baby. There are several crib sets with bold designs and adorable color combination offered by Glenna jean. You can get all coordinated accessories to complete the decor.

Baby Supermall is the largest and most trusted online retailer of Glenna jean baby bedding products. All these are handcrafted product still proudly made in America. Now brows on net and get the best crib bedding set for your dream baby.

Ideas For Nursery Decorations For Baby Girl

May 24, 2010

Last week Flora, my neighbor came to my house. She was looking very delightful and excited. Then I came to know that she is expecting a baby girl. She and her husband both being new parents are very happy but got puzzled with many queries. When will they start decorating baby-room for their little dream? What are the essentials they have to buy? How will they choose the best? – And so on.

Flora came to me as she knew that baby nursery decoration is one of my favorite hobbies. She told that she wants a lot of pink to be used and also likes lilac and mint green. She does not want to go for cartoon theme, instead something like ladybug, butterflies or fairies.

Now I got her likings and suggested few things to consider making baby nursery according to her choice. I made a list of things to do.

Color of the wall: Paint 2 adjacent walls light pink and other 2 other walls hot pink. Stencils can be used to draw butterflies, ladybugs, flowers scattered on the light pink walls.

Furniture: Color of the furniture should be white which will look fantastic against hot pink wall. The furniture set includes baby crib, rocking chair and change table with drawer to keep baby’s changes.

Crib bedding set: Choosing crib set is most important. Not only the color and designs, but also the fabrics used for baby’s sensitive skin to be considered. 100% cotton fabrics should be preferred. A great variety of crib bedding sets with unique designs and colors are available in the market. The whole set includes quilt, fitted sheet, dust ruffle, diaper stacker etc. and in some cases matching window valances, bumper and even a musical mobile that keeps the happy and joyful.

Flora was very much glad and conveyed her warm gratitude to me. I also suggested her to check out a pink ladybug crib set browsing on net to get an idea.