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Checklist For Essential Baby Nursery Furniture

September 25, 2010

Decorating your baby’s room with baby nursery furniture is exciting for new parents. Before shopping, you need to make a list of essential nursery furniture to ease your job. We have categorized the items for your convenience:

Five essential furniture for baby nursery

  • Baby crib

It is the most comfortable and safe place for the baby to sleep. Choose any one according to your room space from Standard cribs, Round baby cribs, Convertible cribs, Corner cribs and Mini cribs.

Sleeping accessories – crib mattress, crib bumper pad, crib bedding set including fitted sheet.

  • Baby changing table

Baby changing table should be used to avoid bending while changing diapers and clothes of your baby. You will also need this place on the changing table when you will have to dry your baby after bath, trim nails, put baby lotion and brush his/her hair.

  • Rocking chair or glider

This piece of furniture will provide you the ideal place and comfort where you can spend hours with your baby to develop precious bonding among you and your little angel.

  • Nightstand

You may want to keep feeding items organized for night-time feedings. In that case, a small nightstand is the perfect piece of furniture on which you can place a night lamp and keep feeding items in drawers. You will get all items handy during night-time feedings.

  • Baby hamper

You may need a baby hamper to keep the used outfits of your baby for washing separately. If space is a concern, you can use a bag type hamper and hang it behind the door of the baby’s room.

Furniture for baby’s proper development

  • Baby high chair

Baby high chair is very helpful to develop baby’s feeding and sitting habits. If you set your baby on a high chair and feed him/her, it is very convenient for you and baby both. Modern high chairs boast many attractive features to improve functionality.

  • Potty-chair

You need to grow baby’s toilet habits. Only a potty-chair can help both you and the baby. Cleaning your baby after toilet will be easy. The baby will enjoy and get habituated using it without facing any extra hazard.

  • Baby walker

You will need this item when the baby tries to stand holding something in your room. Baby walker helps the baby to learn walking.

  • Baby rocking chair

This piece of furniture may be a favorite place to your baby. It is better to choose one that can be used up to toddler age.

There are many other baby furniture like nursery storage cart, dresser, toy box, etc. As the baby grows the no. of baby’s belongings increases. You can purchase these storage furniture when you need.