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Tips for buying a baby high chair

September 23, 2010

A baby high chair is very useful furniture that a new mom needs for her baby. It serves its purpose from two months to four years or more. There are many models of high chair offered by popular brands like Fisher price, Peg perego, Cosco and many others. Before choosing a high chair many factors have to be considered like safety, adjustability, easy to clean, durability, space needed, type of food tray, price etc.

A wide based high chair ensures the stability of the chair than the narrow one. Different other safety features should be checked.

Some high chairs are adjustable, so the baby can use it as he/she grows. Some have reclining positions and different height adjustments.

The top high chairs are easy to clean. Some chairs have washable fabric covers and others are wipeable.

Be sure about the durability of your selected model as you may be using it up to 3 years or more.

If you do not have enough space in your baby room to fit the high chair, you can get a space saver high chair which can be placed on your existing seat at a table and does not take up floor space.

Most of the top high chairs have food trays that can be taken off which is very useful feature. The food tray with high ridge keeps more food on the tray rather than the floor and taking off the tray it can be cleaned easily. When the baby grows older and wants to have meals with parents at dinner table, the same baby chair can be used by removing the tray.

The high chairs are available with various price ranges. You can choose one that suits your budget and in that case you may have to compromise on one or two features.

Undoubtedly it is very useful furniture but do not make a hole in your pocket going beyond your budget. There are so many affordable high-quality chairs in the market that you will be at a loss to choose one for your little darling.